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  1. MOTIVATION—A rare and special dynamic is created among people who don’t have to be there. Church choir members show up, week in and week out, out of love. The only compensation they receive is the joy of being a part of this unique ministry and the joy of making music together. That is enough to keep them coming back.

  2. INSPIRATION—The members of a our choir seek (and find) their inspiration in the music they sing and the opportunity they have to be part of something far greater than the sum of its parts. You can’t experience the thrill of an ensemble singing by yourself—the beautiful forte blend, or the subtlety of a well-rehearsed pianissimo. In a church choir, ordinary people can experience the thrill of a text coming to life as they sing a well-rehearsed anthem, hymn, or psalm.

  3. FELLOWSHIP—A volunteer choir creates a community unlike any other. As a choir meets together, week in and week out, they “do life” together. They pray for one another—celebrating births, mourning deaths, welcoming new members, and grieving the departure of good friends. A healthy choir can be one of the strongest small groups in a congregation.

  4. LOVE—Love is what makes church choir: love of music, love for each other, and especially love of the Savior. Love brings a young housewife rushing in after a week of dirty dishes and endless laundry. Love inspires a businessperson to drive through holiday traffic to make the dress rehearsal for a Christmas concert. Love causes a people to rearrange their lives so they can make practice.


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